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Sulfur Facts - Periodic Table of the Elements

Sulfur Facts - Periodic Table of the Elements SulfurBasic Facts Nuclear Number: 16 Image: S Nuclear Weight: 32.066 Disclosure: Known since ancient time. Electron Configuration: [Ne] 3s2 3p4 Word Origin: Sanskrit: sulvere, Latin: sulpur, sulphurium: words for sulfur or brimstone Isotopes: Sulfur has 21 realized isotopes going from S-27 to S-46 and S-48. Four isotopes are steady: S-32, S-33, S-34 and S-36. S-32 is the most well-known isotope with a plenitude of 95.02%. Properties: Sulfur has a softening purpose of 112.8Â °C (rhombic) or 119.0Â °C (monoclinic), breaking point of 444.674Â °C, explicit gravity of 2.07 (rhombic) or 1.957 (monoclinic) at 20Â °C, with a valence of 2, 4, or 6. Sulfur is a light yellow, weak, unscented strong. It is insoluble in water, yet dissolvable in carbon disulfide. Various allotropes of sulfur are known. Utilizations: Sulfur is a segment of black powder. It is utilized in the vulcanization of elastic. Sulfur has applications as a fungicide, fumigant, and really taking shape of composts. It is utilized to make sulfuric corrosive. Sulfur is utilized really taking shape of a few sorts of paper and as a dying operator. Essential sulfur is utilized as an electrical encasing. The natural mixes of sulfur have numerous employments. Sulfur is a component that is fundamental forever. Be that as it may, sulfur mixes can be profoundly poisonous. For instance, modest quantities of hydrogen sulfide can be used, yet higher fixations can rapidly cause passing from respiratory loss of motion. Hydrogen sulfide rapidly stifles the feeling of smell. Sulfur dioxide is a significant environmental contamination. Sources: Sulfur is found in shooting stars and local in nearness to underground aquifers and volcanoes. It is found in numerous minerals, including galena, iron pyrite, sphalerite, stibnite, cinnabar, Epsom salts, gypsum, celestite, and barite. Sulfur additionally happens in oil unrefined petroleum and flammable gas. The Frasch procedure might be utilized to acquire sulfur industrially. In this procedure, warmed water is constrained into wells sunk into salt vaults so as to soften the sulfur. The water is then brought to the surface. Component Classification: Non-Metal Sulfur Physical Data Thickness (g/cc): 2.070 Dissolving Point (K): 386 Breaking point (K): 717.824 Appearance: boring, unscented, yellow, weak strong Nuclear Radius (pm): 127 Nuclear Volume (cc/mol): 15.5 Covalent Radius (pm): 102 Ionic Radius: 30 (6e) 184 (- 2e) Explicit Heat (20Â °C J/g mol): 0.732 Combination Heat (kJ/mol): 1.23 Dissipation Heat (kJ/mol): 10.5 Pauling Negativity Number: 2.58 First Ionizing Energy (kJ/mol): 999.0 Oxidation States: 6, 4, 2, - 2 Grid Structure: Orthorhombic Grid Constant (Ã… ): 10.470 CAS Registry Number: 7704-34-9 Sulfur Trivia: Unadulterated sulfur has no smell. The solid smell related with sulfur ought to really be credited to mixes of sulfur.Brimstone is an old name for sulfur that implies consuming stone.Molten sulfur is red.Sulfur ignites with a blue fire in a fire test.Sulfur is the seventeenth most basic component in the Earths crust.Sulfur is the eighth most normal component in the human body.Sulfur is the 6th most basic component in seawater.Gunpowder contains sulfur, carbon and saltpeter. Sulfur or Sulfur?: The f spelling of sulfur was initially presented in the United States in the 1828 Webster word reference. Other English writings kept the ph spelling. The IUPAC officially embraced the f spelling in 1990. References: Los Alamos National Laboratory (2001), Crescent Chemical Company (2001), Langes Handbook of Chemistry (1952), CRC Handbook of Chemistry Physics (eighteenth Ed.) International Atomic Energy Agency ENSDF database (Oct 2010) Test: Ready to test your sulfur realities information? Take the Sulfur Facts Quiz.Return to the Periodic Table

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Business Research Literature Review

Question: Examine about the Business Research Literature Review. Answer: Presentation In this task, a far reaching writing audit had been created for the business investigate proposition related with theme contemplate and break down showcasing devices and strategies utilized by Coles Supermarkets, Australia. There were some significant themes remembered for this writing survey area. They were, for example, diagram of the Australian retail industry, Global Retail Business, shopper request and thoughts of autonomy food supplies. The fundamental theories of this writing survey segment is to dissect the viability of advertising devices and strategies utilized by Australian retail organizations contrast with worldwide retail organizations. It had been accepted that Australian retail advertise is as yet developing and it very well may be improved by adjusting the showcasing devices and strategies utilized in this industry. Theme 1 Australian retail showcase Theory: H0: Australian retail showcase has a consistent development in the market H1: Australian retail showcase don't has a consistent development in the market It has been discovered that Australian retail advertise is developing quickly. The retail market of Australia has expanded by 3% in agreement to the present worth terms in 2016[1]. In spite of the fact that, the development is sure, it had been broke down that the development rate had become more slow than 2015[2]. The fundamental purpose for the more slow pace of development of Australian retail showcase is that Australian clients stay wary about their spending during the entire year because of low degree of salary development. The client great region of Australian retail advertise has battled with basic retail conditions in the course of the most recent five years. It had been discovered that unstable customer conclusion and feeble development of economy because of fluctuating monetary market possessed created strained energy for the region administrators. Moreover, it had been discovered that there was constant fall in the retail request in Australia for computer games, photograph ic supplies, books, papers, fixed merchandise and footwear[3]. In any case, web based retailing or web retailing of Australia had arrived at a moderately consistent rate. In the time of 2016, it had been discovered that the web based retailing has beated store-based retailing is Australia. Because of the expansion significance of retail nearness across various channels had impacted Australian retailers like Woolsworth and Wesfarmers to expand venture on multichannel retailing[4]. They began to concentrate on online business nearness. They began to utilize web based life like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for advancement and commercials. It had been dissected that the pattern of customer request of Australian retail advertise supported the accommodation offered by internet retailing. Forceful development of Aldi shows the consistent development of this industry[5]. Wesfarmers is considered as the biggest retailer in Australian in the time of 2016. The organization is by and by driving across various classifications of retailing. The worth development of the organization Wesfarmers is exceptionally determined by the solid execution is classes like office gracefully stores, home and nursery, mass merchandisers and forecourt retailers. The organization is positioned as number one association as far as worth offer in the time of 2016[6]. It had been examined that retailing industry in Australia will increment at an estimation of CAGR of 3% throughout the following conjecture period[7]. It will be to a great extent driven by nursery and home expert retailers and web based retailing. It is normal that these classifications of retail industry will show solid development because of developing interest for new houses and because of quicker appropriation of new advances and online administrations. There were two central point that have influenced the Australian retail showcase the most. They are, for example, Government strategies and the stifled loaning condition. The appointment of new alliance Australian government in 2013 had concocted two significant factors[8]. The administration has declared the withdrawal of government appropriations for some retail associations. Consequently, different neighborhood retail food supplies have shut their activity in Australia. The administration has restored the attention on the decrease of government obligation decrease to deal with the national shortfall prompting the perspective of expense addition and profound slices to family benefits. What's more, banking area has additionally become the subject of capital sufficiency changes intended to secure the retail business. It would assist with making sure about the retail business from sudden changes and elevate security to this industry. In term of future, it had been broke down that, Omni channel retailing will be more important now than any other time in recent memory. So as to improve deals execution in future, retail organizations need to consolidate physical activity with advanced systems. Ascent of Smartphone selection will increment online retail selling. In future web based showcasing will turn into the most significant advancement and publicizing system. There are different in-store innovation can be utilized as successful showcasing apparatus to build deals execution. They are, for example, advanced signage, intuitive screens, self serve stands and online item indexes. By and by it has been discovered that 49% of the Australian clients might want buy items with the assistance of applications than a program. Hence, retail organizations, for example, Woolsworth and Wesfarmers have begun to consolidate portable applications in their Omni-channel advertising methodology. The Australian staple retail had encountered a positive development in the time of 2016. This high pace of development in this part can be clarified by the achievement of discounters inside the nation. Be that as it may, the development of this industry is limited by cost limiting and exceptional measure of rivalry. These components have obstructed the development pace of the basic food item retailer s during the year. Quick innovation headways give retail organizations the chances to draw in buyer coming up. It has been discovered that impression of numerous advertisers in the retail showcase is that the loaning rehearses have additionally gotten obliged. It had additionally influenced the business development and client credit. Theme 2 Global Retail Business Theory: H0: Global retail business is changing because of market rivalry H1: Global retail business isn't changing because of market rivalry General stores and basic food item retail industry is serious in Australia as well as in different pieces of the world. The degree of seriousness is because of the adjustment in buyer patterns of the shopping their essential merchandise from the market just as evolving conclusions. The adjustment in the customer conclusions has likewise changed the exchanging example of the market retail industry everywhere throughout the world[9]. Worldwide grocery store retail industry has indicated the development of numerous mainstream general stores, for example, Tesco, Walmart, Aldi, Woolworths, Metcash, and so on. It is seen that the market retailers of Australia are adjusting the patterns of the requests of the clients that are liable for the expansion of impressions in the retail locations. They are confronting the opposition to meet the better standard of the clients as far as accommodation, newness of the nourishments, straightforwardness, standard of nourishments and different items served by it[10]. The patterns that the retail grocery stores over the world are embracing are sorted into gatherings, for example, confirmation of the new nourishments, assembly ideas that are accommodation driven, effect of the evolving guidelines, making chances to the workforce and solidification of the operational developments. Organizations are going to concentrate on the item separation concentrating on the specialty fragment of c lients. The expansion of the web based retailing and snap and gather choices are more serious than the customary market stores of various pieces of the world[11]. Then again, it very well may be said that the stores in numerous pieces of the world are confronting issues in keeping up the workforce for example talented specialized workforce. The organizations are confronting various issues regarding keeping up the workforce as far as specialized issues. The specialized specialists and gifted skill are elusive in numerous nations of the world. Be that as it may, it is the duty of the retailers to take of their workers regarding representative commitment and their fulfillment. The grocery stores are confronting issues so as to keep up an alteration of the activities to the various partners who are related with dealing with a variety of tasks[12]. Research has depicted the way that the need of innovation is of primary goal. As far as office the board frameworks, the worldwide retailers are using various kinds of human focused structure that are considered as upgrading availability and observing the abilities that improves UI, natural activity and convenience. The changing guidelines of the nations are factors that are liable for making any impact on the exchanging examples of the distinctive market retailers over the world. The two guidelines that are significant in making a huge difference in the business examples of the grocery store retailers are refrigerant guideline and Food Safety Modernization Act. It tends to be said that the refrigerant guideline changes centers around the issues of vitality proficiency and the refrigerants. This suggestion will support the retailers while receiving coolers that are produced by utilizing most recent technologies[13]. The FSMA guideline is liable for decrease of food squander by the organizations. The individual retailers and the food merchants are liable for keeping up the newness level ranch to table. The organizations are concentrating on expanding the impressions so as to help their ceaseless system in the development plans. As far as concentrating on the trollies of the customers, it is seen that the worldwide stores are engaged in giving advantages to the customers so as to improve their shopping experience. Thus, the speculation of the top

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2012 Early Action Decision Date and Reactions - UGA Undergraduate Admissions

2012 Early Action Decision Date and Reactions - UGA Undergraduate Admissions 2012 Early Action Decision Date and Reactions For all of you who are waiting anxiously by your computer/mailbox, nervous about your Early Action decision, here is some good news. UGA is planning on releasing the EA decisions on the myStatus page on Friday, November 16 in the late afternoon (unless some serious problem arises, which I do not expect). Do not call/email/text/message asking for the exact time of late afternoon, as I cannot give an exact time. We will post a message here when it opens up. We are excited about this, and I am guessing you are as well, and hopefully it will allow for a little less nerve-wracking Thanksgiving break. One key: Do not have everyone in your family try to log in and see your decision! This will only slow down our system and might cause issues in accessing your record. In addition to the decisions being available on the myStatus page, letters will go out in the mail for Accepted, Deferred and Incomplete students. Freshman denial letters will not be mailed out, as almost all applicants see their decisions online, and we (along with a number of colleges) did not want to have a letter that only served to reinforce the negative feelings they might already have. Here are a few suggestions on how to react to the four different decisions: Admit: Celebrate with family, buy a lot of UGA gear to wear for the Thanksgiving break, but remember that not everyone has received a decision of admission, and so be a little more low key with friends and classmates. In other words, do not run up to you best friend during English class and scream I got into Georgia while 10-15 of your classmates are mentally throwing daggers into your back. In addition, be patient with the other parts of campus (commitment deposit, housing, the UGA myID system, etc.), as they might need a few days to take in your information. You will also receive materials in the mail as far as the next steps to take. Defer: This is the most challenging one, as these are applicants who are truly strong students, but we want to see more about them (as well as the rest of the applicant pool) before making a final decision. Please remember, this is not a denial at all, but instead a way for us to be able to review you in full, from your co-curricular activities, your essays, and your recommendations. As I usually state, defer is not a four letter word (even though you might feel this way), only a delay in an admission decision. This is your chance to let us know what you are like as an overall applicant. While this is probably not the answer you would like, I would suggest you treat it as a call-back for a second audition. Some roles have already been cast (or admitted), and we now want to look at you in more detail to see how you compare to the rest of the people auditioning (or applying). One of the worst things you can do is give up and not do the essays. The second worst thing is to call us up and berate us for not admitting you. We will be happy to talk to people, but make sure to communicate in a positive tone, understand that we cannot talk about other applicants, and please remember that defer does not mean denial. In past years, about half of the deferred applicants who completed part II were later admitted. Each year, about 1000 deferred students do not complete part II, so we never even have a chance to even review them! If you are serious about UGA, take the time to complete your application, and then be patient as we review all of these files throughout Jan., Feb. and March. When completing part II (the essays), you do NOT need to do an entirely new application, and there is no new/additional application fee. You just need to go to your myStatus page after decisions are out, complete part II (the essays), and hit submit. As well, get a teacher from an academic area to write your teacher recommendation. Remember, UGA is in no way done with the overall freshman admission process. We still have a long way to go, with a great deal of files to read and admission offers to make, so make sure you do your best to show UGA what you are like as an overall student/citizen. Deny: While this is not a fun situation at all, the reality is that if you have been denied Early Action, you are truly not competitive for admission at UGA as compared to the rest of the applicant pool. It is not easy to write that, and it is very difficult to tell this to a student or parent, but when we look at this students application in comparison with the other 11, 400 EA applicants (and remember, we expect to get over 9,000 RD applicants as well), they do not match up academically with the others. It is better to tell you now instead of waiting until late March, as this gives you time to make other plans. Unless there seems to be a serious error (you are in the top of your class, take a very challenging course load, and have a strong test score), my suggestion is to not contact us about the decision, but instead move forward with plan B. While we do not mind talking with you at all, the reality is that an Early Action denial means that the admission to UGA is not possible as a freshman. Incomplete: For the small number of students who did not complete your EA file, you are now automatically deferred to the next step, and so you will need to get in the missing materials from EA, and also submit part II of the application and a teacher recommendation. We went three plus weeks beyond the deadline allowing you to get in the missing documents, sending reminder emails, indicating what was missing through the myStatus page, and it was your responsibility to get in the required materials. So I do not suggest contacting us to see if we can take items late, as that time has passed. Focus instead on sending in what is needed to be reviewed in the next round. When completing part II (the essays), you do NOT need to do an entirely new application, and there is no new/additional application fee. You just need to go to your myStatus page after decisions are out, complete part II (the essays), and hit submit. Go Dawgs!

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The Elusive Zodiac Killer Essays - 2062 Words

The Elusive Zodiac Killer Serial killers almost without exception enjoy playing games. Whether played with their victims’, or the police forces trying to track them down, the game of the kill is almost as essential as the murder itself. In most instances this need to draw out the experience leads to the downfall of the culprit. This was not the case with the elusive Zodiac Killer of the San Francisco Bay Area. Zodiac’s career, which would become the most cerebral murder case of all time, began in Riverside California on the night of October 30, 1966. The first victim, Cheri Jo Bates, a young student at the university was brutally murdered outside the college library. She was stabbed 42 times with a knife with a small†¦show more content†¦In mid-April 1967, a janitor at the RCC Library discovered a poem about the murder inscribed on a table at which Ms. Bates was studying at prior to the incident. Technology in the late 60’s was insufficient to collect DNA samples from suspects, however, in 1998 Riverside Police collected skin samples from their only remaining suspect in the case. The results of these tests have not been released to the public. Almost two years passed after the Bates murder, when in December of 1968 the Zodiac struck again. This time the Zodiac struck in a park at Vallejo, twenty miles north of San Francisco. David Arthur Faraday and Betty Lou Johnson, had told their parents they were going to a Christmas party, when instead going to a secluded lover’s lane. Several people reported seeing a light colored chevy impala that was raising suspicion by it’s unnatural behavior. This vehicle pulled up beside David Faraday’s vehicle. The driver, based on footprints at the scene, walked up behind the car and began firing. Sixteen year old Betty Lou Jensen ran from the car only to have to Zodiac fire five shots into her back using perfect marksmanship. Autopsy results show the shots were fired from approximately ten feet away. Faraday, on the other hand was killed by a single shot to the head. The killer used a handgun loaded with .22 LR ammunition. After the entire incident was over, S tella Borges drove up the lane, passing the Chevy Impala as it drove away, and found theShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Zodiac Killer2094 Words   |  9 PagesThe Zodiac Killer The late 1960’s and early 1970’s were a time of great change in America. The Vietnam War, the civil rights movement and the sexual revolution were just some of the issues on the evening news in American households. For citizens of the San Francisco Bay area, as well as the rest of California, the late 60’s early 70’represented terror, fear and death. â€Å"The bizarre and theatrical and still unresolved serial murders by real-life ghoul who called himself Zodiac, who claimed inRead MoreEssay on The Zodiac Killer2341 Words   |  10 PagesThe Zodiac Killer Works Cited Not Included In the late sixties and early seventies, California was haunted by dozens of unsolved murders. The offender remains unknown to this day. The murderer, who referred to himself as the Zodiac, made contact with the police and area newspapers throughout his reign of terror through a series of menacing notes. Although the police were never able to apprehend Zodiac, they were able to gather information about him via the letters. Zodiac boasted of killingRead MoreEssay On The Zodiac Killer3047 Words   |  13 PagesLaw enforcement officers meet in San Francisco in 1969 to compare notes on the Zodiac Killer, who is believed to have killed five people in 1968 and 1969. The killer gained notoriety by writing several letters to police boasting of the slayings. He claimed to have killed as many as 37 people and has never been caught..Zodiac kill up to 45 people and more that they dont know about because he kill people in a different way in the different town that he was in but he word the sam e thing every timeRead MoreEducation Is The Most Important Aspect Of Life2012 Words   |  9 Pagesenough. Game was not an easy contest to behold, in fact, it was quite a bloody lesson to be taught. Even so, it was full of parental wisdom and was a great example of the influence parents can have on their children. Billy Dent, notorious serial killer, continues his attempt to educate his son Jasper (Jazz) on the art of killing. He tries to teach Jazz that people aren’t real, that when they saw him, â€Å"they saw something that looked like them. Something that looked human and mortal. Something thatRead MoreThe Style Of David Fincher s Se7en1386 Words   |  6 Pagesshort tempered individual who arrives on conclusion in haste. Paired together, the two detectives are tasked to solve a murder mystery, where the killer depicted signs of psychosis and killed his victim based on the seven deadly sins; Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Lust, Wrath, Envy and Pride. The killer, named as John Doe (played by Kevin Spacey), proves to be elusive as the two detectives constantly try to piece the clues t ogether to get a lead on the murderer. A second minor storyline also develops withinRead MoreExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pagesleaders. For this reason, stock market valuations place as much importance on the RD ‘pipeline’ (that is, the products in development) as on the currently marketed products. The holy grail of pharmaceutical RD used to be the ‘blockbuster’. Like ‘killer applications’ in the software market, blockbuster drugs are genuine advances that achieve rapid, deep market penetration. Because of their superlative market performance, blockbusters determined the fortunes of individual companies. Glaxo went from

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Finding the Best Multi State Essay Topics

Finding the Best Multi State Essay Topics The Basics of Multi State Essay Topics Remember your final grade significantly is contingent on the topic. It's important to select debatable argumentative essay topics as you need opposing points which you can counter to your own points. Still, figuring out the very best topic for your essay isn't your only concern for a student. There are several persuasive essay topics to pick from to finish your high school or college assignment. It's therefore important to cautiously consider different college essay topics. If you're looking for college essay examples, here's a great one below. The college essay is among the main facets of your college application. Informative essays are somewhat more descriptive. The New Angle On Multi State Essay Topics Just Released In case you have any questions, please don't hesitate to speak to us at your convenience. You'll get exposed to the types of issues the Examiners like to test in addition to how they have a tendency to be tested. If you are searching for a breakdown of the highly-tested topics on the MEE, have a look at our MEE one-sheets. Bear in mind that even when you believe you know the law, it's possible they have changed it for the intention behind the MPT. The Advantages of Multi State Essay Topics Otherwise, you must look at a number of the easy compare and contrast essay topics on the many scientific innovations. Since you may see, there's a plethora of diffe rent argumentative paper titles you're able to utilize. Each style differs in two ways. If you're handwriting your essay response is restricted to the front and back of a single sheet of lined paper. 1 important thing you ought to do when writing your essay is to help it become personal. You should understand completely that you're not writing a descriptive essay. An argumentative essay requires you to choose a topic and have a position on it. Whatever college essay topic you select or are assigned, the secret is to compose a superior stand-out essay. There are instances when you're assigned with the topic but more frequently, you'll need to create a topic on your own. Look at the world today, search via the internet and appear at news articles too there's inspiration everywhere. The excellent news about the UBE's subject essays is they almost always provide you with the headers they would like you to use. Another good idea is to receive some absolutely free essay examples of different kinds and on various subjects to find a general idea of the way in which a thriving debatable paper looks. Make the usage of the suggested research paper topic ideas and you'll be prosperous. You will shortly receive more information about your State Bar license and the way to update your contact details. A special title will capture the interest of the reader and enhance your odds of obtaining a high score. Since you can see, a lot of the topics listed are new and deal with the recent issues happening in the World today. While you're just beginning to compose essays, you shouldn't struggle attempting to think of something to discuss. At the exact same time, it's a fantastic persuasive essay idea. Each essay question is intended to be answered in 1 hour and the PT was made to be completed in 90 minutes. Select a distinctive topic that others may not think of, and whatever you select, make certain you know a lot about it! Normally, having three leading arguments to show your point is sufficient for a convincing paper. Like the remainder of the bar exam, you will have to practice a good deal. The very best thing is to choose a topic that will provide you with an opportunity to present new ideas or a fresh perspective on a problem. The very first things which you will need to write back on your exam answer are the headers to every portion of the question.

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The Vampire Diaries The Awakening Chapter Six Free Essays

September 26 Dear Diary, I’m sorry it’s been so long, and I can’t really explain why I haven’t written-except that there are so many things I feel frightened to talk about, even to you. First, the most terrible thing happened. The day that Bonnie and Meredith and I were at the cemetery, an old man was attacked there, and almost killed. We will write a custom essay sample on The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening Chapter Six or any similar topic only for you Order Now The police still haven’t found the person who did it. People think the old man was crazy, because when he woke up he started raving about â€Å"eyes in the dark† and oak trees and things. But I remember what happened t us that night, and I wonder. It scares me. Everyone was scared for a while, and all the kids had to stay inside after dark or go out in groups. But it’s been about three weeks now, and no more attacks, so the excitement is dying down. Aunt Judith says it must have been another vagrant that did it. Tyler Smallwood’s father even suggested that the old man might have done it to himself-though I would like to see somebody bite himself in the throat. But mostly what I’ve been busy with is Plan B. As far as it goes, it’s been going well. I’ve gotten severalletters and a bouquet of red roses from â€Å"Jean-Claude† (Meredith’s uncle is a florist), and everybody seems to have forgotten that I was ever interested in Stefan. So my social position’s secure. Even Caroline hasn’t been making any trouble. In fact, I don’t know what Caroline is doing these days, and I don’t care. I never see her at lunch or after school anymore; she seems to have drawn away from her old crowd completely. There’s only one thing I docare about right now. Stefan. Even Bonnie and Meredith don’t realize how important he is to me. I’m afraid to tell them; I’m afraid they’ll think I’m crazy. At school I wear a mask of calm and control, but on the inside- well, every day it just gets worse. Aunt Judith has started to worry about me. She says I don’t eat enough these days, and she’s right. I can’t seem to concentrate on my classes, or even on anything fun like the Haunted House fund-raiser. I can’t concentrate on anything but him. And I don’t even understand why. He hasn’t spoken to me since that horrible afternoon. But I’ll tell you something strange. Last week in history class, I glanced up and caught him looking at me. We were sitting a few seats apart, and he was turned completely sideways in his desk, just looking.For a moment I felt almost frightened, and my heart started pounding, and we just stared at each other -and then he looked away. But since then it’s happened twice more, and each time I felt his eyes on me before I saw them. This is the literal truth. I know it’s not my imagination. He isn’t like any boy I’ve ever known. He seems so isolated, so lonely. Even though it’s his own choice. He’s made quite a hit on the football team, but he doesn’t hang around with any of the guys, except maybe Matt. Matt’s the only one he talks to. He doesn’t hang around with any girls, either, thatIcan see, so maybe the narc rumor is doing some good. But it’s more like he’s avoiding other people than they’re avoiding him. He disappears in between classes and after football practice, and I’ve never once seen him in the cafeteria. He’s never invited anybody to his room at the boarding house. He never visits the coffee shop after school . So how can I ever get him someplace where he can’t run from me? This is the real problem with Plan B. Bonnie says, â€Å"Why not get stuck in a thunderstorm with him, so you have to huddle together to conserve body warmth?† And Meredith suggested that my car could break down in front of the boarding house. But neither of those ideas is practical,and I’m going insane trying to come up with something better . Every day it’s getting worse for me. I feel as if I were a clock or something, winding up tighter and tighter. If I don’t find something to do soon, I’ll- I was going to say â€Å"die.† The solution came to her quite suddenly and simply. She felt sorry about Matt; she knew he’d been hurt by the Jean-Claude rumor. He’d hardly spoken to her since the story had broken, usually passing her with a quick nod. And when she ran into him one day in an empty hall outside of Creative Writing, he wouldn’t meet her eyes. â€Å"Matt-† she began. She wanted to tell him that it wasn’t true, that she would never have started seeing another boy without telling him first. She wanted to tell him that she’d never meant to hurt him, and that she felt terrible now. But she didn’t know how to begin. Finally, she just blurted out, â€Å"I’m sorry!† and turned to go in to class. â€Å"Elena,† he said, and she turned back. He was looking at her now, at least, his eyes lingering on her lips, her hair. Then he shook his head as if to say the joke was on him. â€Å"Is this French guy for real?† he finally demanded. â€Å"No,† said Elena immediately and without hesitation. â€Å"I made him up,† she added simply, â€Å"to show everybody I wasn’t upset about-† She broke off. â€Å"About Stefan. I get it.† Matt nodded, looking both grimmer and somewhat more understanding. â€Å"Look, Elena, thatwas pretty lousy of him. But I don’t think he meant it personally. He’s that way with everybody-† â€Å"Except you.† â€Å"No. He talks to me, sometimes, but not about anything personal. He never says anything about his family or what he does outside of school. It’s like-like there’s a wall around him that I can’t get through. I don’t think he’ll ever let anybody get through that wall. Which is a damn shame, because I think that behind it he’s miserable.† Elena pondered this, fascinated by a view of Stefan she’d never considered before. He always seemed so controlled, so calm and undisturbed. But then, she knew she seemed that way herself to other people. Was it possible that underneath he was as confused and unhappy as she was? It was then that the idea came, and it was ridiculously simple. No complicated schemes, no thunderstorms or cars breaking down. â€Å"Matt,† she said, slowly, â€Å"don’t you think it would be a good thing if somebody did get behind that wall? A good thing for Stefan, I mean? Don’t you think that would be the best thing that could happen to him?† She looked up at him intensely, willing him to understand. He stared at her a moment, then shut his eyes briefly and shook his head in disbelief. â€Å"Elena,† he said, â€Å"you are incredible. You twist people around your little finger, and I don’t think you even know you’re doing it. And now you’re going to ask me to do something to help you ambush Stefan, and I’m such a dumb sucker I might even agree to do it.† â€Å"You’re not dumb, you’re a gentleman. And Ido want to ask you a favor, .but only if you think it’s right. I don’t want to hurt Stefan, and I don’t want to hurt you.† â€Å"Don’t you?† â€Å"No. I know how that must sound, but it’s true. I only want-† She broke off again. How could she explain what she wanted when she didn’t even understand it herself? â€Å"You only want everybody and everything revolving around Elena Gilbert,† he said bitterly. â€Å"You only want everything you don’t have.† Shocked, she stepped back and looked at him. Her throat swelled, and warmth gathered in her eyes. â€Å"Don’t,† he said. â€Å"Elena, don’t look like that. I’m sorry.† He sighed. â€Å"All right, what is it I’m supposed to do? Hog-tie him and dump him on your doorstep?† â€Å"No,† said Elena, still trying to make the tears go back where they belonged. â€Å"I only wanted you to get him to come to the Homecoming Dance next week.† Mart’s expression was odd. â€Å"You just want him to be at the dance.† Elena nodded. â€Å"All right. I’m pretty sure he’ll be there. And, Elena†¦ there really isn’t anybody but you I want to take.† â€Å"All right,† said Elena after a moment. â€Å"And, well, thank you.† Matt’s expression was still peculiar. â€Å"Don’t thank me, Elena. It’s nothing†¦ really.† She was puzzling over that when he turned away and walked down the hall. â€Å"Hold still,† said Meredith, giving Elena’s hair a reproving twitch. â€Å"I still think,† said Bonnie from the window seat, â€Å"that they were both wonderful.† â€Å"Who?† Elena murmured absently. â€Å"As if you didn’t know,† said Bonnie. â€Å"Those two guys of yours who pulled off the last-minute miracle at the game yesterday. When Stefan caught that last pass, I thought I was going to faint. Or throw up.† â€Å"Oh,please ,† said Meredith. â€Å"And Matt-that boy is simply poetry in motion†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"And neither of them is mine,† Elena said flatly. Under Meredith’s expert fingers, her hair was becoming a work of art, a soft mass of twisted gold. And the dress was all right; the iced-violet color brought out the violet in her eyes. But even to herself she looked pale and steely, not softly flushed with excitement but white and determined, like a very young soldier being sent to the front lines. Standing on the football field yesterday when her name was announced as Homecoming Queen, there had been only one thought in her mind. Hecouldn’t refuse to dance with her. If he came to the dance at all, he couldn’t refuse the Homecoming Queen. And standing in front of the mirror now, she said it to herself again. â€Å"Tonight anyone you want will be yours,† Bonnie was saying soothingly. â€Å"And, listen, when you get rid of Matt, can I take him off and comfort him?† Meredith snorted. â€Å"What’s Raymond going to think?† â€Å"Oh,you can comforthim . But, really, Elena, I like Matt. And once you home in on Stefan, your threesome is going to get a little crowded. So†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Oh, do whatever you want. Matt deserves some consideration.† He’s certainly not getting it from me, Elena thought. She still couldn’t exactly believe what she was doing to him. But just now she couldn’t afford to second-guess herself; she needed all her strength and concentration. â€Å"There.† Meredith put the last pin in Elena’s hair. â€Å"Now look at us, the Homecoming Queen and her court-or part of it, anyway. We’re beautiful.† â€Å"Is that the royal ‘we’?† Elena said mockingly, but it was true. They were beautiful. Meredith’s dress was a pure sweep of burgundy satin, gathered tight at the waist and pouring into folds from the hips. Her dark hair hung loose down her back. And Bonnie, as she stood up and joined the others in front of the mirror, was like a shimmering party favor in pink taffeta and black sequins. As for herself†¦ Elena scanned her image with an experienced eye and thought again, The dress is all right. The only other phrase that came to mind wascrystallized violets . Her grandmother had kept a little jar of them, real flowers dipped in crystallized sugar and frozen. They went downstairs together, as they had for every dance since the seventh grade-except that before, Caroline had always been with them. Elena realized with faint surprise that she didn’t even know who Caroline was going with tonight. Aunt Judith and Robert-soon to be Uncle Robert-were in the living room, along with Margaret in her pajamas. â€Å"Oh, you girls all look lovely,† said Aunt Judith, as fluttery and excited as if she were going to the dance herself. She kissed Elena, and Margaret held up her arms for a hug. â€Å"You’re pretty,† she said with four-year-old simplicity. Robert was looking at Elena, too. He blinked, opened his mouth, and closed it again. â€Å"What’s the matter, Bob?† â€Å"On.† He looked at Aunt Judith, seeming embarrassed. â€Å"Well, actually, it just occurred to me that Elena is a form of the name Helen. And for some reason I was thinking of Helen of Troy.† â€Å"Beautiful and doomed,† said Bonnie happily. â€Å"Well, yes,† said Robert, not looking happy at all. Elena said nothing. The doorbell rang. Matt was on the step, in his familiar blue sports coat. With him were Ed Goff, Meredith’s date, and Raymond Hernandez, Bonnie’s. Elena looked for Stefan. â€Å"He’s probably already there,† said Matt, interpreting her glance. â€Å"Listen, Elena-† But whatever he had been about to say was cut off in the chatter from the other couples. Bonnie and Raymond went with them in Matt’s car, and kept up a constant stream of witticisms all the way to the school. Music drifted out the open doors of the auditorium. As Elena stepped out of the car, a curious certainty rushed over her. Something was going to happen, she realized, looking at the square bulk of the school building. The peaceful low gear of the last few weeks was about to slip into high. I’m ready, she thought. And hoped it was true. Inside, it was a kaleidoscope of color and activity. She and Matt were mobbed the instant they came in, and compliments rained down on both of them. Elena’s dress†¦ her hair†¦ her flowers. Matt was a legend in the making: another Joe Montana, a sure bet for an athletic scholarship. In the dizzying whirl that should have been life and breath to her, Elena kept searching for one dark head. Tyler Smallwood was breathing heavily on her, smelling of punch and Brut and Doublemint gum. His date was looking murderous. Elena ignored him in the hopes that he would go away. Mr. Tanner passed by with a soggy paper cup, looking as if his collar was strangling him. Sue Carson, the other senior homecoming princess, breezed up and cooed over the violet dress. Bonnie was already out on the dance floor, shimmering under the lights. But nowhere did Elena see Stefan. One more whiff of Doublemint and she was going to be sick. She nudged Matt and they escaped to the refreshment table, where Coach Lyman launched into a critique of the game. Couples and groups came up to them, spending a few minutes and then retreating to make room for the next in line. Just as if we reallywere royalty, thought Elena wildly. She glanced sideways to see if Matt shared her amusement, but he was looking fixedly off to his left. She followed his gaze. And there, half concealed behind a cluster of football players, was the dark head she’d been looking for. Unmistakable, even in this dim light. A thrill went through her, more of pain than anything else. â€Å"Now what?† said Matt, his jaw set. â€Å"The hog-tying?† â€Å"No. I’m going to ask him to dance, that’s all. I’ll wait until we’ve danced first, if you want.† He shook his head, and she set out toward Stefan through the crowd. Piece by piece, Elena registered information about him as she approached. His black blazer was of a subtly different cut than the other boys’, more elegant, and he wore a white cashmere sweater under it. He stood quite still, not fidgeting, a little apart from the groups around him. And, although she could see him only in profile, she could see he wasn’t wearing his glasses. He took them off for football, of course, but she’d never seen him close up without them. It made her feel giddy and excited, as if this were a masquerade and the unmasking time had come. She focused on his shoulder, the line of his jaw, and then he was turning toward her. In that instant, Elena was aware that she was beautiful. It wasn’t just the dress, or the way her hair was done. She was beautiful in herself: slender, imperial, a thing made of silk and inner fire. She saw his lips part slightly, reflexively, and then she looked up into his eyes. â€Å"Hello.† Was that her own voice, so quiet and self-assured? His eyes were green. Green as oak leaves in summer. â€Å"Are you having a good time?† she said. I am now . He didn’t say it, but she knew it was what he was thinking; she could see it in the way he stared at her. She had never been so sure of her power. Except that actually he didn’t look as if he were having a good time; he looked stricken, in pain, as if he couldn’t take one more minute of this. The band was starting up, a slow dance. He was still staring at her, drinking her in. Those green eyes darkening, going black with desire. She had the sudden feeling that he might jerk her to him and kiss her hard, without ever saying a word. â€Å"Would you like to dance?† she said softly. I’m playing with fire, with something I don’t understand, she thought suddenly. And in that instant she realized that she was frightened. Her heart began to pound violently. It was as if those green eyes spoke to some part of her that was buried deep beneath the surface-and that part was screaming â€Å"danger† at her. Some instinct older than civilization was telling her to run, to flee. She never moved. The same force that was terrifying her was holding her there. This is out of control, she thought suddenly. Whatever was happening here was beyond her understanding, was nothing normal or sane. But there was no stopping it now, and even while frightened she was reveling in it. It was the most intense moment she’d ever experienced with a boy, but nothing at all was happening. He was just gazing at her, as if hypnotized, and she was gazing back, while the energy shimmered between them like heat lightning. She saw his eyes go darker, defeated, and felt the wild leap of her own heart as he slowly stretched out one hand. And then it all shattered. â€Å"Why, Elena, how sweet you look,† said a voice, and Elena’s vision was dazzled with gold. It was Caroline, her auburn hair rich and glossy, her skin tanned to a perfect bronze. She was wearing a dress of pure gold lame that showed an incredibly daring amount of that perfect skin. She slipped one bare arm through Stefan’s and smiled lazily up at him. They were stunning together, like a couple of international models slumming at a high school dance, far more glamorous and sophisticated than anyone else in the room. â€Å"And that little dress is so pretty ,† continued Caroline, while Elena’s mind kept on running on automatic. That casually possessive arm linked with Stefan’s told her everything: where Caroline had been at lunch these past weeks, what she had been up to all this time. â€Å"I told Stefan we simply had to stop by for a moment, but we’re not going to stay long. So you don’t mind if I keep him to myself for the dances, do you?† Elena was strangely calm now, her mind a humming blank. She said no, of course she didn’t mind, and watched Caroline move away, a symphony in auburn and gold. Stefan went with her. There was a circle of faces around Elena; she turned from them and came up against Matt. â€Å"You knew he was coming with her.† â€Å"I knew she wanted him to. She’s been following him around at lunchtime and after school, and kind of forcing herself on him. But†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"I see.† Still held in that queer, artificial calm, she scanned the crowd and saw Bonnie coming toward her, and Meredith leaving her table. They’d seen, then. Probably everyone had. Without a word to Matt, she moved toward them, heading instinctively for the girls’ rest room. It was packed with bodies, and Meredith and Bonnie kept their remarks bright and casual while looking at her with concern. â€Å"Did you see that dress?† said Bonnie, squeezing Elena’s fingers secretly. â€Å"The front must be held on with superglue. And what’s she going to wear to the next dance? Cellophane?† â€Å"Handiwrap,† said Meredith. She added in a low voice, â€Å"Are you okay?† â€Å"Yes.† Elena could see in the mirror that her eyes were too bright and that there was one spot of color burning on each cheek. She smoothed her hair and turned away. The room emptied, leaving them in privacy. Bonnie was fiddling nervously with the sequined bow at her waist now. â€Å"Maybe it isn’t such a bad thing after all,† she said quietly. â€Å"I mean, you haven’t thought about anything else but him in weeks. Nearly a month. And so maybe it’s just for the best, and you can move on to other things now, instead of†¦ well, chasing him.† Et tu, Brute? thought Elena. â€Å"Thank you so much for your support,† she said aloud. â€Å"Now, Elena, don’t be like that,† Meredith put in. â€Å"She isn’t trying to hurt you, she just thinks-† â€Å"And I suppose you think so, too? Well, that’s fine. I’ll just go out and find myself some other things to move on to. Like some other best friends.† She left them both staring after her. Outside, she threw herself into the whirl of color and music. She was brighter than she had ever been at any dance before. She danced with everyone, laughing too loudly, flirting with every boy in her path. They were calling her to come up and be crowned. She stood on the stage, looking down on the butterfly-bright figures below. Someone gave her flowers; someone put a rhinestone tiara on her head. There was clapping. It all passed as if in a dream. She flirted with Tyler because he was closest when she came off the stage. Then she remembered what he and Dick had done to Stefan, and she broke off one of the roses from her bouquet and gave it to him. Matt was looking on from the sidelines, his mouth tight. Tyler’s forgotten date was almost in tears. She could smell alcohol along with the mint on Tyler’s breath now, and his face was red. His friends were around her, a shouting, laughing crowd, and she saw Dick pour something from a brown paper bag into his glass of punch. She’d never been with this group before. They welcomed her, admiring her, the boys vying for her attention. Jokes flew back and forth, and Elena laughed even when they didn’t make sense. Tyler’s arm circled her waist, and she just laughed harder. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Matt shake his head and walk away. The girls were getting shrill, the boys rowdy. Tyler was nuzzling moistly at her neck. â€Å"I’ve got an idea,† he announced to the group, hugging Elena more tightly to him. â€Å"Let’s go someplace more fun.† Somebody shouted, â€Å"Like where, Tyler? Your dad’s house?† Tyler was grinning, a big, boozy, reckless grin. â€Å"No, I mean someplace where we can leave our mark. Like the cemetery.† The girls squealed. The boys elbowed each other and faked punches. Tyler’s date was still standing outside the circle. â€Å"Tyler, that’s crazy,† she said, her voice high and thin. â€Å"You know what happened to that old man. I won’t go there.† â€Å"Great, then, you stay here.† Tyler fished keys out of his pocket and waved them at the rest of the crowd. â€Å"Whoisn’t afraid?† he said. â€Å"Hey, I’m up for it,† said Dick, and there was a chorus of approval. â€Å"Me, too,† said Elena, clear and defiant. She smiled up at Tyler, and he practically swung her off her feet. And then she and Tyler were leading a noisy, roughhousing group out into the parking lot, where they were all piling into cars. And then Tyler was putting the top of his convertible down and she was climbing in, with Dick and a girl named Vickie Bennett squashing into the back seat. â€Å"Elena!† somebody shouted, far away, from the lighted doorway at the school. â€Å"Drive,† she said to Tyler, taking off her tiara, and the engine growled to life. They burned rubber out of the parking lot, and the cool night wind blew into Elena’s face. How to cite The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening Chapter Six, Essay examples

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The Vikings Essays - Trousers, Tunic, Military Uniform,

The Vikings The Vikings liked clothes and jewelry. The Vikings were proud of their appearance and liked to dress well. Most of their clothes were made of wool or linen that they had spun and woven themselves. The cloth was dyed with mineral or vegetable dyes of green, brown, red, yellow or blue. The men wore sleeved jerkins or three-quarter length coats over woolen shirts and long cloth trousers. On their feet they wore tall leather boots or soft shoes with short socks. The women wore long woolen dresses and linen petticoats which reached to their ankles. Their legs and feet were covered with thick woolly socks and soft leather shoes. Both men and women wore fur or woolen hats and cloaks when they went out in cold weather. Cloaks were fastened at the shoulder with brooches. Children probably wore the same kind of clothes as their parents. Everyone liked to wear gold and silver brooches, bracelets, necklaces, armbands and rings. Some of their jewelry was part of the loot from raids on foreign churches and monasteries. The Vikings and there war gear. The Viking was not a soldier in the modern sense. He spent as much time being a farmer, sailor, trader and explorer as he did fighting; and he had to provide his own equipment. Armor to protect the body took many hours of skilled work to make. It was certainly expensive, and was probably worn only by Viking leases and their picked household warriors. The other fighting men would have worn their everyday clothes, relying on an iron helmet and a sturdy wooden shield for protection. The sword was the most admired and honored weapon, and many Vikings would have carried one. The other weapon which became almost the trademark of the Norseman, was the heavy, two-handed battle-axe. This fearsome weapon, swung by a big, muscular man, could shear through any armor. Some warriors are said to have been able to behead a horse at a blow. Men who could afford neither sword nor axe used a thrusting spear. The northern people of Europe, the Barbarians, wore warm tunics and cloaks. They lived in colder, wetter conditions than did the people of the Mediterranean world. They needed to wear layers of warm and relatively close-fitted clothes. Celtic, Teutonic, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking men wore woolen trousers of various styles. Sometimes these were long and loose, or they were strapped onto the lower leg by bandages of linen or by leather thongs. A typical Barbarian wardrobe consisted of undertunic , shirts, trousers, overtunic, and cloak. Cloaks, tunics, gowns, nightgowns, boots, and mittens were often fur lined or edged with fur. The women did not wear trousers, but under their long tunics they sometimes wore leg coverings that were made of wool or linen. When it came to decorative details, individual cultures had distinctive styles. The Celts liked abstract patterns, while the Anglo-Saxons were especially fond of animal designs. In conclusion, the Vikings were very proud of their appearance. They wore beautiful clothes and jewelry and took great care in making their clothes and war gear. The Barbarians, on the other hand, were not as interested in beauty, they were interested in keeping warm because of the cold weather.